Musings of an over the hill climber and walker living on the edge of the beautiful Bowland Fells in Lancashire.  Thanks for calling in.

Days out in the hills,  climbing and long distance walking will be mentioned in some random ways. Home and abroad. My climbing exploits are limited these days, more bouldering than routes, still I’m lucky to be able to keep walking and cycling. I seem to be doing more walking than climbing.

Originally set up to provide information on a number of climbing venues in the area, for which I’d had various requests.

I am now using my posts more as a personal diary, but you are free to visit and there is a comment section at the bottom of each page where I would be grateful for your thoughts.


The photos I insert will sometimes keep enlarging if you click to give a slide show.

27 thoughts on “BOWLAND CLIMBER.

    1. Red Queen's Musings

      Hi, I have just found your blog and would like to re-blog your Tenerife walks as a series possibly using 1 a week. Naturally these will all be credited and linked back to you as the original writer. Could you please let me know if this is possible. Thank you.

  1. Bill W-K

    Very much enjoyed meeting the three of you shortly after you arrived at the Sulzenau Hutte on 10th September. Julia and I headed back round to Neustift, and have vowed to return next September to walk the full Stubai Hohenweg. Looking forward to it very much after spending many years sailing rather than walking. Your superb and informative blog account and photos will be very helpful indeed in planning, and helping to built up the anticipation levels.
    Berg Heil!, Bill W-K

    P.S. I would say you’re definitely more up the hill than over it.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Good to hear from you, remember you well. I’m surprised you found my blog. We had a great trip as you can imagine. Get back there and do it!
      My next trip is [hopefully] trekking in Burma [Myanmar] – could be interesting. One just has to do these things.

      Gute Reisen. John.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I came across the GR7 whilst traversing The Alpujarras several years ago, pre-blogging. I’ve enjoyed many adventurous trips along it since then. The real Spain. Next up are the Canary Islands this winter. GR 131 links them all.

  2. Jolanda

    Hi, i read you wrote a blog about the GR131 on Tenerife. Can you give me the website where i can find it? We’re going in novembre and want to walk it to and i love reading about it. Best regards Jolanda

  3. Rob Wenman

    hello, do you have a gpx file of this routes or others in the Forest of Bowland you can share? thanks Rob

  4. Martin Banfield

    How about escaping from the silly comments and taking your tarp to provide 24 hour security for those ducks?

  5. HDUK

    With regard to Higher Birks House, the photographs appear on your post ‘Almost a Round of Golf’ 01/12 shots 4 5 6 7. Please remove them from this website or any other site that is available for public viewing. Thank you

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Thanks, sorry for any offence.
      I have removed photos 4 and 6, they were not taken from your garden but admittedly over your fence invading your privacy.
      The mounting stone, 7, is next to the public highway and the domed outside of your wall, 5, is adjacent to the public right of way, so I don’t feel you can complain about them. But let me know.
      I would be really interested to know what the wall structure is, was it indeed an icehouse.
      Sorry once again for any offence caused.

  6. Peter Crosbie

    Hi, I enjoy your over the hill musings very much.
    In your wanderings have you come across the curious stone structure south of Bowland Knotts at GR723593? I can’t make it out; suggestions include a kiln – although it’s too high and miles from any limestone- or a shrine to Jacob Rees-Mogg. It’s about 5m high and consists of very large stones overhanging in a kind of alcove. Could it be someone’s lookout/folly?
    If I were technically literate I could perhaps send you photos but I’m not.
    Peter Crosbie

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Thanks, Peter.
      I don’t remember seeing that ‘structure’ but it is on one of my Cicerone Walks in the near future.
      Shame about the picture. Could you email me it?

  7. KP

    You appear to have an obsession with photographing peoples homes and obviously have no realisation or care as to the danger you could be putting these homeowners in. There’s a photo where you show the homeowners vehicles on the drive, another has the comment ‘million pound house’ …. why? You have made it easy for any wrong sided person coming across your blog to view homes that are in rural, semi-rural & isolated locations and along with pinpointing exactly where they are, you also show their gardens, garden furniture & cars! Most of the homes you post are large, desirable properties, therefore highlighting peoples wealth which is wrong and you should remove these photos immediately. There’s a site on google which has skimmed your house photos and is selling them for £20 upwards per photo. If you don’t believe or understand what you have done is wrong then I’m sure you’re willing to post a photo of yourself, your home & car to let the world know exactly where you live.


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