A sunny afternoon stroll near Chipping.

In an effort to get fit for a forthcoming Spanish GR7 trek I had a couple of hard days walking at the weekend and am now suffering in the toe and hip. Cracking up. Decided not to make things worse by going to  the climbing wall today. A new waterproof arrived this morning to replace the one which disintegrated last year in Spain. Alas, despite being a bargain,  it proved to be too tight a fit and had to be returned. The company I bought it from had no larger sizes so I had a quick trawl on the internet for a replacement, found one and ordered, but at an extra £25. Sent back the small one and hope the larger is delivered soon. I’m very impressed with the efficiency of mail order these days. Lots of people going round in vans!

So it was lunchtime before I knew it. The day started very cold but sunny and looked to be continuing the same way. A quick lunch and a drive out to Chipping. Decided on a gentle stroll to ease my joints. Walked out on a concessionary path in the grounds of Leagram Hall.  Pendle looked impressive with a sprinkling of snow.


Walked up a lane past a sheep farm advertising Sheep’s Cheese.

Quite tasty so have come home with some. Here are the new lambs…

Walking on up to Park Gate farm you are under the Fairsnape/Totridge fells. Whoever thought to plant squares of conifers on these hillsides?

One passes remote working farms in the hills where life hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years –

Despite being surrounded by peaty gritstone fells this little area of Bowland is limestone with characteristic knolls and outcrops of the white stuff. There are little quarries everywhere and small kilns which  produced lime for the land. In other areas of the valley commercial kilns served the blossoming building trade.

Flocks of returning birds were landing in the fields aptly demonstrating their two common names – lapwing and peewit. Unable to get a photo, so this will have to do – cautionary sign in any case.

Walked on past the pleasantly named, renovated hamlet of Dinkling Green, with its magnificent situation below the Totridge Fells.

Lanes through the limestone knots lead to the splendidly isolated and landmark red phone box near Lickurst Farm. How long will it survive in these days of mobile phones?

On past Higher Greystonely Farm where I was hoping for a brew with friends, who were unfortunately not at home. A lane takes you over a ford and on past a significant lime kiln near an extensive limestone quarry.

Soon back on the lane to Chipping and feeling very satisfied with the afternoon’s excursion. A hot soothing bath will get all those muscles relaxed ready for the exertions to come in Catalonia.

2 thoughts on “A sunny afternoon stroll near Chipping.

  1. Conrad Robinson (Blogonym - SirHugh)

    When I have done long walks in the past my system is to get fit during the first week of the walk. I seem to remember back in the fifties and sixties people going round with a rucksack full of stones preparing for trips to The Alps.

    You certainly have a great variety of interesting walks close to where you ;live.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I agree, but the first couple of days are rather arduous so want to be semi ready. In my younger days before going to the Alps I would go up and down Fairsnape a couple of times with three heavy ropes, kinder to the sac than stones. I did however give myself a hernia once from carrying to much!


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