To tie up a few loose ends, I’m adding this post.

As I mentioned the weather was starting to improve just as we were going to leave!  On one of the evenings the ‘Supermoon’ appeared above the hills, giving a spectacular sight. So much so I forgot to fetch my camera.

“The moon reached its closest point in its orbit this weekend, June 23rd, during a full moon, giving rise to the “supermoon,” appearing 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than a typical full moon. While the supermoon is mythically associated with werewolves and strange natural phenomena, really it’s just a good reason to gaze skyward. If you missed it, the next one will pop up in August 2014.”

Maybe it was the effect of the moon but I was awake very early the next morning and was lucky to see a small flock of Hoopoes on the boules court in the garden. They seem to be regular visitors this year.

Below is my poor attempt to photo them……..

The other regular wild life are the deer in the woods and sometimes they come into the garden for fallen fruit. Again another poor photo…….

The wild boar are more seclusive – but they are out there.

Within easy walking or cycling distance of the house is a most beautiful courtyarded house which has recently been resurrected as a café, Le Caillau. This proved very popular this trip as an afternoon refuge for coffee and cake.

Le Caillau courtyard.

What a great ambiance. If only the guy would smile a bit more!

The house has a good example of a pigeonnier tower. This was traditionally used to house pigeons as a food source and also to collect their droppings as a fertiliser. These structures are common place throughout the Lot area.

To revert back to our friend from Martignac  he is an excellent bread maker and appeared one evening with this magnificent offering…

The Breadman.

So we had to reciprocate and arranged an evening’s dining at a local restaurant. Unfortunately we chose the night when the electric storms were at their worst and the power was off and on all evening. They still managed to cook us an excellent high class French dinner – ‘haute cuisine’ – elaborate preparation and presentation served in small and numerous courses and accompanied by fine wine. You have to experience this fine hospitality at least once on any trip.

All at a price! I still feel that the lunch menu at the Duravel cafe gave a far superior culinary experience and much better value. Not to mention our own cooking at the house……

Bon appétit

    J’adore la région du Lot!         

    Jusqu’à la prochaine fois.


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