This area of France, Lot et Garonne  is noted for its Bastide Towns.These Medieval towns were built on a grid pattern for practical and defensive reasons. Famous ones are Montpazier, Montflanquin, Villareal an. Eymet. Today from the airport we headed on quiet French roads to two smaller Bastides – Lalinde and Belves. Usually there is a central square with a covered wooden market, This is where we headed for a reviving coffee.Jpeg

Lalinde  is situated on The Dordonge River which here has been canalised to avoid rapids. There was a large ‘ flock’ of swans in residence today.Jpeg Onwards to Belves on its defensive hilltop. Narrow lanes lead to the market square, where they are preparing for a fête. Canard features strongly in these parts.JpegJpegJpeg Another day, another town (Montcuq) and yet another market. There is one or more every day somewhere locally. I’m not sure the proportion of locals to tourists using these street markets, but they do sell a wide  variety and are always busy.



Whilst we are looking over the provision stalls we come across the biggest baguette I’ve ever seen and it was already half-eaten!


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