More of the same.

The forecast was encouraging – warm, sunny with little wind. Perfect for a day’s climbing at this time of year. We could have tossed a coin or made an informed decision as to where to climb. We didn’t really succeed with either – a few clouds seemed to sway the team away from the good open higher climbing on Robin Proctor’s Scar to the low level South Giggleswick Scar. We were last here a couple of weeks ago, time for a change really. A couple of teams were already on the crag and as we arrived late the temperature was already rising. Now I can’t complain about belaying in the sun – but why here. It’s a winter crag after all and we are now in mid May. Did four decent routes, couldn’t be bothered with the last scrappy one, actually I thought  the whole place was scrappy today. I found the routes hard and fingery, struggled to stay in contact and certainly couldn’t have led them in my present state of unfitness.  On the positive side it was great to be out with good friends Dave and Rod as I’ve hardly climbed at all this last year – it showed!  We caught up with all our news and adventures. They are already planning climbing trips abroad but after today’s effort I just can’t raise my enthusiasm at this moment in time.

For the record –

Rawhide 5+

Bonanza 5

No Wavering 6a

Bramble Jelly 6a

High on 'No Wavering'

High on ‘No Wavering’

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