I could keep this theme going for some time, like bad movies they often, perversely, bring out a sequel.

The weeks go by at a slow pace since the problem started in my left hip. I’m waiting for the Xray results. In the meantime I’m trying to walk a few miles on the flat. Any stepping up on the left leg however still produces instant pain.

There have been some beautiful frosty days and this morning the Bowland Fells were covered in snow. My friend Sir Hugh is 2 weeks post knee operation, the second he has had done. He must have walked thousands of miles on the first. A trip up to Arnside was suggested. Driving up the Lakeland winter vista across the Kent estuary was magnificent, mocking our present inabilities to step foot in the hills.  [poorly captured above on my mobile]

Pleasantries over he requested help in putting up his Christmas Tree.This proved more difficult than I’d imagined. The artificial tree came in many sections, supposedly colour coded. The process was similar to erecting a tent for the first time, though in the comfort of his living room we had no wind to annoy us. He hopped around on his crutches whilst I built up the pieces from the bottom. Strangely when we had finished there were several branches spare. Anyhow it looked good enough so we retired to a nearby eating emporium for a well earned drink with excellent fish and chips. No17 is the clue. He’ll soon be back on his legs and we look forward to 2018.

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