This has made me smile today.                                                                                                              

The road near my house was trenched recently to put in a new water main. They finished the work before the Covid-19 crisis began and tarmacked over their work, it all looked very neat and tidy. There is very little traffic during the lockdown and I hadn’t noticed before that where their strip passed through a SLOW sign they had obviously been expected to make good with the lettering. This was the result…

They had only painted the lettering on their tarmacked strip with the obvious bizarre result.

I can imagine the worker in charge of the painting machine asking his supervisor how much to print and being told  “just our bit, it’s more than my jobsworth to touch the rest

The expression ‘jobsworth’ has come to mean someone who sticks to the rules of their job even when it would be more sensible to do otherwise.   ‘It’s more than my job’s worth’  suggesting I might lose my job if I did the other.

We are all familiar with this attitude in the workplace  –  the opposite ofJob’s a good’un’


9 thoughts on “A JOBSWORTH.

  1. Michael Graeme

    This made me laugh. It sums everything up nicely. Everything’s so fragmented now, nothing ever coming together to do even a simple job properly.


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