Stop awhile this weekend in your Covid-19 angst, especially if you live in the north, and have a listen to Sting…

…now we have all calmed down lets look at the problem.

From the figures things seem to be getting worse. So what is the solution? Well the government will slowly, what’s the rush?, try and tell us next week.

Oh! And by the way where do all these ‘leaks’ come from?

 The above is just one example of ‘Brutal trading conditions’. Conditions repeated in the hospitality and drinks sector, the tourism and airline sector, the performing arts sector, the fashion sector and most other sectors you can imagine. Our economy has been allowed, nay even been encouraged,  to depend upon these honest but nebulous sectors. Where is the backbone of our economy?  In pubs or in industry?  Years of free enterprise and privatisation policies have led us down this cul-de-sac.

We can’t even rely in these Covid-19 pandemic times on a ‘test and trace’ system which has been put into unsuitable private hands.

So as the situation worsens by the day I don’t know the answers any more than you, the scientists or the politicians. But I do feel that we should never have been in this situation in the first place, virus or not.

No one wants to be one of those 87 or those millions out of work. A cleft stick situation.

How fragile we are.

8 thoughts on “HOW FRAGILE WE ARE.


    Fragile, but fortunate (so far) especially where I I’ve. We seem to be in a safer spot here but it would be dangerous to become complacent. Although the test system has been criticised I had a test today. As you know I am due for a minor op next Tuesday and self isolating for seven days. To be fair I had a mobile call yesterday giving me an appointment at 9:15 am in Lancaster. I drove there this morning and arrived ten minutes early. I was seen and tested straightaway and told I would have the result on my mobile within 72 hours. The test itself was surprisingly painful with the requirement to push the thing a long way up each nostril. So no complaints from my single expereince.

    Sting – another performer I missed along the way and thanks for bringing him to my attention. What a skilled musician and moving performer.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Yes I’ve heard the test is a little unpleasant. Hope you test negative!
      One of my neighbours is ill and has tested positive, probably caught from his ‘asymptomatic’ children.

      1. bowlandclimber

        My criticism of the ‘test and trace’ system was aimed at the deliverence of the trace aspect not at the practical issues of arranging a test, although there have been problems there in some areas.
        I have just listened to the press conference of the Northern Mayors. I think the worm has turned and there is at last some scrutiny of our government’s decision making. .
        The Northern Powerhouse has spoken and I fear problems if they are not given the attention they deserve. The Conservatives gained power at the last election partially from winning seats in the Industrial Northern towns – now is the time to show them some respect.

  2. Michael Graeme

    Ah, don’t get me started on this one. I’ve been watching our deindustrialization since the 80’s with a sense of increasing despair. Now we have bright, energetic kids who could be making things, serving beer and chips in pubs instead for minimum wage (and they’re the lucky ones). But anyway,… haven’t heard that one from Sting in a such long time. Thank you. Appropriate for the times, but calming.

  3. ms6282

    I started to comment, but it was turning into a rant. The wrong people in charge, I’m afraid. Second raters picked for their loyalty towards Brexit. As for the economy, decades of deliberate policy – now the chickens ar e coming home to roost


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