October 9th.  I can’t believe it is 16 years since the death of my father, aged 91. What would he have made of the world today?

Let’s remember him in music and in the genre he enjoyed. The original Horace Silver release on Blue Note was in 1965. An opportunity to experience the Latin piano beat  with Joe Henderson on tenor sax. These may be new to some of you, but I can highly recommend a listen…

….and if you appreciate live  jazz listen to this version, Copenhagen April 1968. 


…or this much later 1996 performance. I’m spoiling you now.


…and to conclude, a tight modern version from Foo Jazz, not a piano in sight.

For my father. Eternal music.

2 thoughts on “SONG FOR MY FATHER.


    Good to hear of your pleasant memories. I listened to all the versions with pleasure. I particularly liked the final one where they stick close to the melody which certainly merits that attention, but what about the big piano solo in the second one!


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