On a regular basis, I call upon my friends to sign a petition or write to their MP on environmental problems that I become aware of, and I think need public interaction. On the whole, the government pay lip service to these issues and are inclined to take no positive action. Hence the need for the likes of us minnows to show solidarity and complain and object in any way we can. The recent National Trust decision to ban trail hunting on their lands was I’m sure due to the number of members expressing their feelings through petitions and votes.

Your local MP is dependent upon your support and if sufficient numbers of their constituents express concern on a topic they have to listen. This obviously often involves the ‘party line’ and therefore the more ground level public opinion goes against them the more important that this opinion is heard and heeded. Whichever government is in power, they shouldn’t be allowed to ignore this voice. Lets make them work for their salary and Xmas Party.

Yes, you have guessed it, I’m appealing for you to consider another issue ongoing at the time which will have serious consequences for our access to our countryside in the future. People need to connect to nature and the countryside in our increasingly complex world. Take a few minutes to read the Ramblers latest concern on the far-reaching Agriculture Act and if, like me, you are sufficiently engaged to write to your MP using the simple links on the website.

Have a good day.


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