How many Bank Holidays do we need? I’ve eaten all the sprouts. I’m getting bored walking up and down Longridge Fell. The New Year has come and gone, and I have nothing to write about. A quiet news week, as they say. So, I would like to share with you this simple video. Not a lot of explanation is necessary. I have some vague hope for the future of our precious wildlife with people like Chris Packham about.

I’m sure that will have resonated with a few of you. There is now real pressure on landowners to stop trail hunting on their properties and public opinion is swinging that way after Mark Hankinson, the director of the Masters of the Foxhounds Association, was recently found guilty of encouraging others to hide the illegal hunting of live foxes behind a “smokescreen” of trail hunting.  But don’t rely on any help from our Government if this is the attitude of our Prime Minister…

Boris Johnson article describing his ‘semi-sexual’ love of fox hunting resurfaces

Here’s to 2022 whatever it brings.

11 thoughts on “NEW YEAR — OLD TRAILS.

    1. Michael Graeme

      I was just reading that one. Looks like all the buzzards and kestrels in my neck of the woods are done for.

    2. bowlandclimber Post author

      That’s open warfare on our birds of prey – “Oh, I mistook it for a crow”
      The licences seem very vague, don’t even need to be applied for.
      We should be getting rid of game shooting, not protecting the activity.
      So much for Defra’s objective of protecting and improving the natural environment. The appointment of George Eustice as minister for that department and pro-shooting MP Rishi Sunak as Chancellor hasn’t helped. And we know where Boris stands from the extract in my post.


    Boris’s admission of sexual gratification demonstrates that dressing up in silly clothing and HUNTING wild animals has nothing whatsoever to do with vermin control which the perpetrators claim as a motive.

  2. John Bainbridge

    One reason Patel and Johnson want to outlaw protests and criminalise trespass is to ensure that hunters and shooters can never be monitored. A field day for the blood junkie brigade.


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