The day ended badly.

When we arrived back at the house we relaxed with tea and biscuits contemplating the day. We had enjoyed a wonderful few hours at Crag X. M and I having been bolstered by his charming wife. I’ll spill the beans regarding my car but not the crag.

The farmer was moving his herd of cows out of the fields opposite and down the road to his yard for milking. We saw them passing the window with him on his quad bike at the rear. They looked a lively bunch and M was pleased his garden gate was closed. After the friendly hospitality and conversation I bade my goodbyes and with the usual frantic searching for my car keys prepared to back out of their drive. But something wasn’t quite right  – my driver’s wing mirror was bent forwards. I pulled it back and there was fortunately no damage. But there were signs of bovine hooves alongside. And there on the front wing was a dent, oh is that another one on the rear panel? My car is looking as wrinkly as the crag above.

Back into the house to phone the farmer. He was adamant that his cows could roam at will, and it was my fault for parking there. No apology. A suggestion that he should have assistance when taking his cattle down a public highway wasn’t received well. Not wanting to antagonise him further we agreed to putting in a claim. One hopes he is insured for this sort of thing. My car drove back up the motorway as smoothly as usual. I kept telling myself it’s only a couple of dents. I’ve owned this car for 15 years without a scratch.

Fast-forward to today and I call into my local garage for an assessment of the damage before contacting my insurers. The boss thinks they may be able to ‘Suck’ out the dents without too much cosmetic harm. But they can’t find the sucker. Come back tomorrow and don’t phone the insurers as the repair could be costly leading to scrappage of the car. I couldn’t possibly let that happen and was dismayed at modern day attitudes to sustainability.


As I said we had enjoyed the day at Crag X. The weather had been once again kind, sunny with little wind, what more can you ask at this time of year. We moved along the rocks looking for more possibilities, and we hadn’t gone far when a small compact quality buttress appeared. M was fired up and soon led on sight three new easy routes, I followed in my trainers.


Toping out on For Nancy.

Our attention turned to a narrow buttress we had previously noted as being too difficult. M unlocked the hard lower sequences but wisely chickened out of the higher slopers by escaping, with relief, left into a gully. Now at the top of the buttress a top rope was set up. Despite several sketchy tries he gave up, but at least the essential runner placements have been located for an attempt at another time.


. An early attempt on Narrow Buttress.

Despite the cow damage I ask are you having so much fun?

11 thoughts on “CRAGS, CARS AND COWS.

  1. Michael Graeme

    You had me worried in your last post, and I’ve been braced for bad news. This is more shocking than the resignation of yet another PM and the attitude of that farmer leaves much to be desired, but is sadly not uncommon. Those dents do look like the sort that can be pulled out, so finger’s crossed. It is sad with older and much loved cars like ours that the insurers will scrap them off after even a minor shunt.

    Glad the climbing’s going well, but unless you roll up next time in a Sherman tank, I’d be reluctant to park there again.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      It doesn’t help to watch the news. Where next. I think that the Tories should call it a day and have a general election for us to decide. That won’t happen – yet. God forbid that Boris could come back.
      I’m not sure if I can afford the diesel for my Sherman Tank to travel to Crag X.

      1. Michael Graeme

        I think you’re right. They’d be wiped out if they called an election now, so they’ll probably hang on a bit. I just hope they don’t make a song and dance over picking their next leader.

  2. Eunice

    Good grief BC, those dents look dreadful. I don’t know how you can sound so calm about them, I would be furious if it happened to my van, especially with the farmer’s attitude. I’m glad you enjoyed the climbing though, you certainly had some good weather for it.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Yes a shame, wrong place at the wrong time. It’s only a car after all, even if I have owned it for 15 years without a scratch, which is remarkable considering my driving.


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