Just to keep people up to date. There have been some recent problems here – the farmer came across several groups barbequing in the quarry.  He, quite rightly, took exception to this and has asked for the BMC to advice that climbing is banned. They have updated there access site to reflect this. The farmer has erected signs prohibiting access.He is concerned about his legal liabilities. This just highlights the unthoughtful attitude of some people – it is his land after all!

I’ve been to talk to him and tried to explain the liability situation. In the mean time I would ask all climbers to avoid the quarry so we don’t aggravate the situation. Thanks for your cooperation. Try Kemple End in the meantime.     I’m hopeful that eventually we can achieve a compromise.


  1. Alan Bates

    That’s such a shame John, have you posted on UKC? It’s probably worth putting something on there. I’ll do it if you wish

    1. prudol Post author

      Thanks Alan, I don’t know the UKC site that well so if you could post the problem it would help to prevent further aggravation. I’m hopeful we can come to some compromise with farmer. He’s a nice hard working man.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Rob, No the last time I spoke to the farmer he was going to have a hip-replacement so I didn’t bother him. Time I had another word, thanks for jolting me.
      Are you still in Longridge – haven’t seen you up at Craigy, mind I’ve been away a lot.


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