Pradelles  –  Cheylard L’Eveque.Jpeg
A rather late breakfast was followed by a leisurely  exploration of the old parts of Pradelles. There was mist in the valley below and autumn has arrived. A drove road took us down towards the said Allier valley. Excellent views back up to Pradelles.Jpeg

Shopping and cafeing In Langogne took up a lot of time. A great section of walking old stone enclosed tracks bought  us up to a wooded  plateau.Jpeg

A lunch stop in the village of  St Flour had the local school children making us coffee for school funds. Late afternoon sunshine welcomed us to the gite in Cheylard, and a wonderful place it turned out to be. Artisan local blonde beer, a kir aperitif and an excellent communal dinner with 14 Stevenson Way walkers. Jpeg

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