The forecast for this morning was poor, with cloud probably obscuring the partial eclipse. Slept in till 9.30 when I woke up with a start, leapt out of bed and pulled the curtains open to reveal the clouds just parting as the moon crept onto the sun. All disappeared just as quickly. Following my daily resuscitating strong coffee peeped out again to see the moon scuttling past the sun.  Quite pleased with the morning so far.

Of course, I hadn’t bothered with any special sun blocking measures as it was so misty in the first place and I was only taking quick photos as the clouds opened. But it made me think of the measures you should take for viewing eclipses, pinhole cameras or very dark glasses or….


… this chap was safe from the sun but missed the eclipse. He was the photographic subject of Tony Ray-Jones in 1968. This links me in to an afternoon this week I spent at the Walker Gallery  enjoying          Ray- Jones was prolific in the late 60’s but died young from leukaemia. He produced a historical document of the English psyche and eccentricity from those times. Martin Parr was influenced by the photography of Ray-Jones though he never met him. Parr has gone through Ray-Jones negatives and selected a series of prints for this exhibition. In addition, there is a room of Parr’s own prints from a decade later  mainly exploring the quirky environs of Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire and its people.

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Get yourself to the Walker to view this fine exhibition and start to explore their other gems………

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