ANGLES WAY – 4. Beccles to Bungay.

Beccles to Bungay sounds like something from a 50’s comic.

Mr Wetherspoon cooked us a lovely breakfast for £2.99.

Wandering through the back streets of Beccles was interesting as several lanes heading down to the river were named  ‘Score’.  A lady resident suggested this was related to the scores made by dragging goods up from the boats.

Out of town, we passed the ghost-ridden Roos Hall and its haunted ancient Nelson Oak, where local miscreants were hung. After that we needed some relaxing walking and the fields full of birdsong leading to the scattered hamlet of  Shipmeadow provided it.

The high plateaux (30ft!) of wheat fields were rather boring but soon we were on the outskirts of Bungay with its prominent church tower visible. The Angles Way, however, does a large loop here and it was several hours before we reached our destination. This included a break by an old watermill at Wainford a walk past a quiet May fair in Ditchingham with some fine old vehicles on show some stunningly situated rural houses by the river and a steep climb (unique in these parts) and a pint brewed on the premises of The Queens Head, Earsham.On arriving at our B&B we were worried about the apparent absence of any sign of life, sitting around for a while and when just about to phone out came the lady from no 9 who was expecting us – we were outside no 8, the wrong house.  Embarrassing.

The weather throughout the day was bright and sunny, perfect.

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