All along the hedgerows.

Daft or apt title for a cycle ride?

Having just returned from the heat of France I find that it’s hot here too. Great. I’m out early on the hottest day of the year creating my own breeze on the bike. Just the usual lanes around Chipping but as I ride I’m struck by the abundance of flowers in the hedgerows. So out comes the camera. Wild roses and honeysuckle. Brambles. Ragged Robin. Elderflower. Foxgloves. Cow Parsley.

A splendid show as I cycled past. I seem to remember a way of working out the age of a hedge – the number of different species of trees/shrubs in 30yards x 100. Not sure if this works but we do have some historic hedgerows in England. That’s if they are not stone walls as in the Pennines.

I was using small ‘quiet’ lanes but was it was evident that the van and car drivers didn’t share the same view. So different to France where a cyclist is given some respect, as I’ve recently experienced.  Over a hundred cyclists are killed in a year in the UK and many more seriously injured. I admit a majority of these are in urban areas but I didn’t feel particularly safe today.

To diverse I wandered off route and found myself at The Horns Inn, an 18th century pub, although originally a farm. They are renowned for their Goosnargh Duck menus and their micro brewery. The bar is unique as is the old gents urinal  [?architecturally listed]  across the road – seen on the right of the picture.Another on the whim diversion took me down Ford Lane and across the low stream. It can become dangerous after heavy rain as the height marker shows – I shudder to imagine such a deluge. There is a footbridge!

5 thoughts on “All along the hedgerows.

  1. mountaincoward

    I think all those little lane which flood should have a height marker near where they do – great idea! Would save a lot of those marooned cars you see the rooves of sticking up!

    I love to see hedgerows in full bloom – ours haven’t been great this year – not much out at once and a bit shortlived and tatty. Last year they were great though 🙂


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