Zillertal Rucksack Route. VII.

A trip up to Italy – PfitscherjochHaus.

The weather reverted to rain and low cloud so an easy walk up to Italy was the obvious choice for today.  We passed some fine waterfalls up the valley and before we knew it we were at the old border post. A little further the Italian hut appeared out of the mist. There was a warm welcome in the modern hut. We settled in for lunch – pasta and good coffee. A large group of cyclists arrived from somewhere to stay the night. The hut has a chequered history, it was blown up by the Italian army in 1966 due to border disputes, rebuilt in 1980 and has continued to provide mountain accommodation.

Compare with yesterday's view from the balcony.

Compare with yesterday’s view from the balcony.

Pfitsherjoch Haus 2277m

Pfitsherjoch Haus 2277m

More food - Italian this time.

More food – Italian this time.

We stole away and retraced our steps down the valley in the mist.

Back at Dominikushûtte supper was interesting – can’t remember the food. A man in soaking camouflage kit burst in from the dark carrying a baby kangaroo style, his wife followed. They turned out to be Russian and doing a similar trip to us! The baby must be hard as nails.  An unfortunate retarded chap [sorry for any unpolitical phrasing] was having supper with his carer and making grunting noises. I went to the loo downstairs and whilst there had the scary movie moment as a stumbling grunting ogre came towards me. Enough said.

Today’s quote – “mustn’t grumble”    determined to enjoy the rainy day.

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