Lying in bed this morning  the radio reported on the death of a personality in his seventies. Bells ring in my brain, 70+ years always seemed a good age to achieve in the past. I sat up with a start – I’m living on borrowed time, jump out of bed and get going. I had forgotten that I couldn’t as my hip was too painful.  I won’t be doing much outdoor activity in the next few weeks whilst I recover, hopefully, from some hip overuse [Cornwall and La Palma].

To be honest I don’t feel good, it hurts me to walk about and any ascending or descending is slow progress with support needed. I have self diagnosed a trochanteric bursa  and I’m resting, icing and taking anti inflammatory tablets.

Patience is needed., especially sunny days like today. I would be up on Longridge Fell walking or bouldering. I would be in my own little world with thoughts and observations  or I would be chatting to the motley crew at Craig Y. These simple activities probably keep me sane and relatively well balanced, so without them the frustration creeps in.

I had plans for more warm sunny trips this winter. Maybe I should plan a trip to the doctor.


4 thoughts on “FRUSTRATION 1.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I went up Longridge Fell in the car for the views, hence the picture of the Bowland Fells. Parlick looked good.
      Thanks, your are welcome to a cup of tea anytime.


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