As I drove up Longridge Fell for a stroll today the sky was full of moths. Coming to terms with  the perspective I realised they were parapenters enjoying the northerly winds and presumably updrafts on that side of the fell, what do I know.  I diverted to the parking on Jeffrey Hill, Cardwell House, where they were all taking off from. There must be a busy social network between the activists who then gather at the most appropriate site, like these moths. Some were obviously beginners taking a short flight off the gentle slope to land safely a few feet down, others were soaring high and exploring further along the fell. I counted more than twenty in the air at once. Usually Parlick across the valley is busy with parapenters but today the wind conditions have brought them all here, quite a sight.

Meanwhile down below, somewhere near Chipping, comes the sound of guns murdering pheasants bred for the purpose – everyone to their own. Up here many pheasants wander freely in the woods and I spot a Roe Deer scuttling off. To stretch my legs I take a short walk along the road in the sunny November weather with the Three Peaks clearly visible as well as the Bowland Fells and Pendle in other directions.   Nothing else to report.




    Good to hear you’ve been out and defying your affliction, I’ve done similar with daughter Jill and granddaughter Katie collecting sea-glass at Half Moon Bay near Heysham, and kite flying. Jill has something in mind for the sea-glass, but I’m not quite sure what that is. Weather was glorious but the wind down from the north was perishing.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Yes the weather was too good to miss. Lucky to be able to so readily drive up Longridge Fell for the views and fresh air. Only walked a mile on the level!
      When you say sea-glass I assume you mean those pieces of glass that have been smoothed by the waves and sand. They often have the most subtle colouring.


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