I’m trying to exercise whilst social distancing and at the same time reduce driving to a minimum. Yesterday I was on roads all the way and didn’t really enjoy the experience, today I’ll attempt another walk direct from home but this time avoiding busy roads so I’ll need to get my boots dirty.

So off we go. It is another beautiful day, the Spring Equinox. I’m soon into fields, yes they are boggy but I’m enjoying the bird song. For the record, I see Deer, Hares, a Stoat and lots of lambs. The lambs photographed better than the rest.


All around me are hills – the Bowland Fells, Waddington Fell and Longridge Fell.

I pass a deserted country inn, the catering trades are having a hard time. Such a shame as everything is looking so good in the spring sunshine.

Towards the end of my walk, I use an old track to cut a corner off the road but wish I hadn’t as it was virtually impassible with mud and branches.

On the last stretch of road, I spot this beast waiting for restoration.

So today was more acceptable than yesterday but I still ended up with some road walking and the fields were very unpleasant in places.

Body count today, one pedestrian and one runner, both on the roads. Nobody was out in the fields despite the perfect weather. I think it is going to have to be all off-road but on decent tracks until the ground dries or we are all grounded.


3 thoughts on “SOCIAL DISTANCING WALK – Mark II.


    It is surprising how you keep on finding new stuff not far from home.

    I obviuosly agree with social distancing and walking on remote roads and paths but wonder a little why you are avoiding driving to lesser known venues – am I missing something about what we are being asked or now told to do?

    1. bowlandclimber

      Conrad. I have been short for time on many days so have tried to maximise the walking time by starting from home. It hasn’t worked so well what with busy roads and impassable fields.
      I’ll have to revert to driving to some more suitable walks, though I think the less driving the better – don’t want any accidents.

  2. 5000milewalk

    The mud is pretty bad at the moment isn’t it. Often I just have to accept it and trudge through. I’m not bothering to wash my boots anymore!


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