It’s a wonderful time of the year with some exceptional weather, the blossoms are appearing and we’ve just gone onto British Summertime which I always look upon as a turning point.

My cat manages to sleep from dawn to dusk finding warm sunshine throughout the day. I’m jealous.

Last week I was going out for short walks from home Social Distancing as I went. Then this week I developed a sore throat, fever and headaches;  I’m sure, or almost sure, that this isn’t the coronavirus but the rules say if you have symptoms then Self Isolation is necessary for 7 days.

That’s no great hardship as I’m pretty self-reliant but I think I misread the rules and thought I was not to leave my house at all  [that is Shielding – we all have to get accustomed to these new terms]  So I’ve stopped going out altogether which is probably wise in any case. Hence no walking in this post.

I’m fine for food and medicines and have been pleasantly surprised by the offers of help in that direction. Thanks to those concerned.

My telephone line has never been so busy as I catch up with friends near and far.

And there is the bonus of a new friend who is almost hand tame after a couple of days gardening. On a larger scale, the night skies have been clear with a bright crescent moon and an even brighter Venus.

Lots of positives there.


11 thoughts on “SOCIAL DISTANCING TO SELF-ISOLATION. Reasons to be cheerful.


    Oh dear – I hope you aren’t understating your affliction. If it is the real thing and you’ve only had a marginal reaction that is not too bad a thing – the general medical opinion says one is unlkely to get it sgain, at least within about twelve months.

    Watch out for that robin. They are very territorial – he/she may make a bid for your whole house?

    1. bowlandclimber

      I’m fine Conrad, some other virus I’m sure but better to follow the rules.
      Not certain if it is the same robin every day – just going out to see her or him now.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I’m fine thaks.
      No idea what it was.
      Hope you are coping with self distancing etc. Don’t overdo the gardening – you have plenty of time to spead out the work.

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