I hope this will be my last post for now on the ills of the grouse moor. I’ve recently tried to highlight raptor persecution and today want to bring to your attention the vast losses of other wild life occuring on grouse moors. The more the public become aware of these killings the more the pressure on politicians. So read the article, spread the news and sign the petition.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent animals – foxes, stoats, weasels, and hedgehogs, as well as birds are killed in traps and snares on Scottish grouse moors every year. This is having a massive environmental impact as these moors cover a fifth of the land in Scotland. The same is happening in the rest of the UK.

The League Against Cruel Sports have just published an article  with a link to the full report.

There is a petition to sign here.

A recent article in The Yorkshire Times by David Goff is worth reading. https://yorkshiretimes.co.uk/nature

It’s time I got out to do some some walking…


    1. bowlandclimber

      Sorry I’ve been having a rant recently.
      I try to present the evidence without too much adverse comment as views become quickly polarised. The petitions are worth signing if only to bring the problems to a wider audience. I hope they are having some success in the Scottish Parliament at least.

      Out of interest I managed to accidentally halt a grouse shoot in Bowland once by walking into it on a public right of way. They had ommitted to display warning notices and were thus in breach of their license. I was allowed to go on my way and even received some forelock tugging FROM the toffs.


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