LITTLEDALE. A bittersweet day.

                                                                   Bowland at its best.

I walked here a week ago, August Bank Holiday Monday. We had planned it to avoid the crowds. Sir Hugh’s write up is already published.

On my drive home I had a phone call to say my friend with dementia and motor-neurone disease had suffered a turn for the worse. Was I glad I had not taken the motorway, it was jam packed. My liitle car sped through the by lanes and I arrived along with the paramedics. There was little they could do except offer sincere empathy, likewise the oncall doctor who came shortly afterwards. Thankfully she could be nursed, unconscious, at home. Two days later she passed away peacefully. I’ve lost two of my best friends this year.


A week later I have loaded my photos but am unable to give a  commentary.

Baines Crag carpark.

Artle Beck.

Crossgill Farm, 1681, typical of the area.

The former St. Anne;s Chapel. 1752.

Littledale Free Church, 1849, now a store.

Littledale Hall and buildings, C19 gothic style. Now a ‘therapy centre’.

Sir Hugh entering upper Littledale.

Leafy Littledale.

Over to Roeburndale – another day.

Littledale – there and back.

I want one of these when the time comes.

Littledale Hall again.

Caton Moor wind turbines.

Slopes of Clougha with the infant River Condor.

Looking back towards distant Ward’s Stone Fell.

Baines Crag.



A steep end to the day.


10 thoughts on “LITTLEDALE. A bittersweet day.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Hidden Bowland. Most of the farms are listed buildings. All very rural. We stepped aside on occasions to let farmers drive their stock through.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Dementia is not a good way to end one’s life.
      Time passes on regardless.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts
      At the end of the day they are not my troubles, I was only being self indulgent.
      We all have so many past memories of close friends no longer with us.
      Time passes on.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Just one of those years. But it is a strange time with the pandemic, I couldn’t attend my Woking friend’s funeral and there are problems with the upcoming funeral as we are in stricter lockdown again.

      1. Clare Pooley

        Not being able to attend the funeral of a friend or relative is so hard to bear.
        I have sent you another e-mail! I cannot understand how your mails get through to me but not mine to you! Gremlins, probably. If it doesn’t reach you I will ring you. Let me know the best time to call.

          1. Clare Pooley

            Thank you, I’ve just seen it. This is so strange! Have you checked your spam folders? My surname’s first three letters often cause problems, unfortunately. Just like being at school!. I will ring you tomorrow.


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