I’ve spent too much time today researching some new boots on the internet. I still haven’t made a choice but I need to soon as my present pair are deteriorating rapidly after, I admit, 2 years of heavy use. It was raining when I logged in and now when I look out the sun is shining. I had a 7 mile walk in mind alongside the River Brock and over Beacon Fell, did I have time to complete it. Let’s see. I park at a strategic place giving me road walking at the end in case I run out of daylight. 3 pm start.

I’m soon going down an old track to meet up with the River Brock at a footbridge where I cross to the northern side. Up to Brock Bottoms parking this is a popular walk and I meet a few families splashing about in the river. At the bridge there are plenty of cars parked.

Once past the parking/picnic site I meet nobody for the next hour or so. Slippy boardwalks seem dangerous, the paths are merely boggy. Autumn colour is appearing everywhere. I complete my stretch along the Brock at Jack Anderton Bridge, no I don’t know who he was.

Then I’m on that wonderful lane, lined with beech hedges, on the edge of Bleasdale.  Parlick peeps over the hedge like an extinct volcano.

Now some brisk road walking with the Bleasdale Fells in the background. The sun is already low in the trees as I climb up onto Beacon Fell. There is always somebody at the trig point though the car park on the other side is virtually empty. A new path, to me, takes me steeply off Beacon Fell down alongside a little clough to emerge next to the beautifully situated Salisbury House. All I have left is a mile or so of quiet roads to my car. 6pm finish.

The clocks change this weekend so don’t forget your head torch.


8 thoughts on “MORE OF THE BROCK.


    Well done. At first I thought this had been today and wondered how you’d managed to get the post up so quickly. I seem to be missing autumn which seems to be passing much quicker than usual – I’m determined to get out next week sometime even if it is in the rain. I must go off and track down my head torch now.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I was cutting it fine, but I know the tracks. Was good to get out.
      Sometimes I think I should have a dog and I would be forced out in today’s dreadful weather. Then maybe not.

    1. bowlandclimber

      Most of the time I walk in cheap ‘approach shoes’ ie Aldi.
      I buy lightweight boots which only last a year or so but are a fraction of the price of the high end ones.
      Normally in the winter I’m away in warmer climates where lighweight works well.

      1. Michael Graeme

        Yes, I often go for the lightweight budget boots and am happy to change them every few years once they start to let water in, though I’ve had good service from Scarpas as well which seem to be the most comfortable on my feet, and recently took the plunge again. I had a pair of pricey Brashers for a bit but their soles proved lethal on rock, so they went in the bin.


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