Sunday  17th January.    7.5 miles.     Goosnargh.

   Bear with me, if anything interesting happens on one of these local walks from home I will let you know. Today was a grey day and I left Longridge at noon to wander some lanes and footpaths between here and Goosnargh.

  I met a lady who was incensed that a dog had scratched her piece of lawn on the roadside, it looked innocuous to me. I suspect she would not be a good neighbour. A cyclist passed me on Ashley Lane. I left the road at Stump Cross and walked through the egg factory of Field Foot Farm and then on through boggy fields towards the church in Goosnargh.

Another quiet lane with horse riders led on to Broadeth Lane and then Ford Lane. I dread to think what this would be like if it was up to the 5 feet high and rising level. New House Farm is possibly one of the oldest in the district. The Cottage restaurant is a throw back to the 50s, prawn cocktails, chicken in a basket and sherry trifle. I diverted to have a look at Hill Chapel, another RC established from the C18th and run for many years by Franciscan and then Benedictine monks. There is some history at – http://www.stfrancisgoosnargh.org.uk/  Walking around the graveyard I came across the recent grave of a friend of mine, a sad reminder of his vivid personality.

Next I walked through the grounds of the  fishing lakes owned by Horns Dam. The dam was originally the water source for Goosnargh Cotton Mill which I had passed earlier in the day. I knew the next stretch through fields that have been divided up with electric fences for the nearby  horse stables would annoy me. And it did. I have complained to the authorities about the loss of public rights of way in this location but nothing seems to have been done.

I was home for an early tea.

Eggs galore.

The church at Goosnargh.

Garden ornaments.


Afternoon tea?

Hill Chapel.

Public right of way.

13 thoughts on “A QUIET SUNDAY.

  1. Michael Graeme

    Funny you should mention electric fences. I’ve been griping about those recently. I thought there were regulations about leaving sufficient width of passage, but in a particular incident yesterday, one slip and you’re on the damned things, either that or snagged by barbed wire, or both.

    1. bowlandclimber

      I previously complained about these particular fields divided up by electric fences across the rights of way.
      I know not much is getting sorted during the pandemic. I wiĺl chase it up with the authorities. Some of the obstructive fences are no longer there!
      Have you used MARIO on the Lancs CC web site to report footpath problems? Maybe you are not in Lancashire.

      1. Michael Graeme

        I was wondering if there was some way of doing that online. I’m South Ribble, so come under LCC. I’ll have a look. I nearly slithered off a rickety footbridge into a ditch on a little walked route too last week, so I can mention that as well. 👍


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