Hen harrier.

   I’ve put myself out of action by landing badly on my heel whilst bouldering without a crash pad, just when I was preparing for a long distance walk. So with the grouse shooting season soon to be upon us, I’ll share a post from Rapture Prosecution of a press release from Rewilding Britain   which highlights the fact that OUR National Parks host substantial areas of Grouse Driven Moors. Certainly worth a read.

The evidence of damage to protected habitats, increased flooding, greenhouse gas emissions from moor burn, and of course, the illegal persecution of protected wildlife, especially birds of prey and small mammals caused by the grouse shooting community is pretty damning. But our politicians do little about it.

The more the public are aware of the problems, the more chance of some legislative reform. There are lots of people (Chris Packham, Ruth Tingay etc) out there trying to raise the profile of the damage, if not criminality, caused by the shooting community. So sharing this post may open more eyes and ears to the situation. There are plenty of petitions to add your names to, every little helps.

And if that’s not enough, with a reference to my Bowland area, why not take a look at the events on Hen Harrier Day tomorrow

Now back to the Olympics.

18 thoughts on “THE INGLORIOUS 12th.

  1. Michael Graeme

    Hope you’re not too badly hurt and mend quickly. Sounds like bad timing though. Those links don’t paint a pretty picture. Wild creatures are only welcome in the UK if they don’t get in the way of making money.

  2. ms6282

    There’s nothing glorious about the 12th and everything that goes along with it.
    Hope you recover quickly and can reschedule your trip.

        1. bowlandclimber Post author

          Walking from Chester to Lichfield, 150K. Two Saints Way.
          Glad I didn’t go this week. Heel should be OK and the weather looks much better next week.

  3. Clare

    Hope you’re soon mended …and in time for your walk!
    Can feel a sign coming on for the 12th , to go with the Forest of Bowland one!!🤔

  4. Martin Banfield

    Sorry to hear about your heel, BC; hopefully you’ll get going soon, and avoid all the grouse moors along your route…

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Thanks. Martin.
      I was impatient and set off on a LDW, I’ve just hobbled into Stafford. Two more days to go
      Amy ideas which route I’m on?
      All will be revealed, my phone is not smart enough to blog daily.


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