I was back up there tonight. As I walked in, I could see the six ducklings swimming about below. Their activity seemed frenetic – darting hither and thither. But no sign of Mother Duck. My anxiety rose, suspecting her fate. How would the ducklings survive?

   I sat around in the light rain watching their activities.

   Thankfully after perhaps an hour in flew Mother Duck who immediately took control of the situation and heralded her offspring into the dense bracken with much chirping and squeaking. They will be safe tonight.


   Whilst poking about on one of the quarry walls I became aware of a constant buzzing noise. Wasps were flying about, and there in front of me was the biggest wasps’ nest I’ve ever seen, over a foot high. Time to retreat.


  1. Michael Graeme

    That’s some wasps nest! I hope the one in my attic wasn’t that big. Good to know the ducklings are doing well.

  2. George Kitching

    That is one hell of a wasps nest. We had a small one on the veranda of our summer house last year. We left it alone and surprisingly, they were no trouble. We could walk in and out underneath it and they would happily ignore us. Until one night when something upset them. I’d gone into the summer house to get something. I just closed the door and watched from inside until the tension abated.

    Lovely pics of the ducklings.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      I was worried about the two bright yellow ducklings – easy prey.
      The pond has now dried up and the mother has probably taken her brood to another patch of water.
      Let me know if they come waddling down your lane.


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