I’ve just switched on my laptop to write up today’s cycle ride and I find this in my notifications

As a long-standing member of the NT I feel vindicated by my membership, which I have sometimes doubted with some of their past decisions. This is good news and I think if it had gone the other way I would not have supported them any longer. Sadly I do wonder who are the 38 thousand against and their mentality. No doubt there will be a barrage of bleating from the hunts to their Tory backers.

This is what the League Against Cruel Sports had to say.

“We’re delighted that the National Trust and its members have finally made the right decision and banned hunting from their land. Following the Hunting Office webinar expose and Mark Hankinson’s conviction they really had little option but to distance themselves from the criminal countryside gangs that hunts have become. The webinars contained blatant admissions of widespread illegal hunting and the use of smokescreens to confuse the public. Any respectable landowner knows their reputation will be forever tarnished if they don’t permanently distance themselves from the hunting community.” “We expect other corporate landowners including Forestry England, United Utilities, the various National Parks and the Ministry of Defence to also permanently ban hunting. The National Trust decision alone will deny the hunts access to 620,000 acres of land and when these other landowners follow suit they will be banned from millions of acres. We expect some hunts will be forced to shut down completely as a result.”

Further to that I have just emailed other major landowners asking them to deny hunting on their lands. It’s easy to do here.

I feel that at last public opinion is changing and pressure is being mounted on the hunting fraternity and the establishment that supports them. Let’s keep up that pressure.

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  1. John Bainbridge

    It’s a pity it’s a non-binding vote. I’m interested to see how the council tries to wriggle out of it. We left the NT this year because they are selling legacy land for luxury housing developments.


    At the risk of being tracked down by the Red Coat Brigade I have joined the email to landowners set up by the League Against Cruel Sports, you are required to register details including your post code. I suppose that is to authenticate your submission and prevent specious contributions. As I’ve said before it is disgustingly objectionable that these people ENJOY killing animals for no other reason than their ENJOYMENT -sick, sick ,sick. They are the vermin, not the foxes.

  3. Michael Graeme

    Re John’s comment, I just read about it not being binding this morning which took the shine off a little, but hopefully the NT wouldn’t be so crass as to disregard what is a very clear message from their membership.

    Interesting how your piece attracts suggestions from WordPress, below, that I might like reading the blogs of hunters.

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