Last month I wrote of a vote by National Trust members to ban trail hunting on their land.  Understandably, a few of you raised concerns, as it was non-binding and would depend upon the Board of Trustees ultimate decision. Well, today, the good news is that they have announced in a fairly strong worded letter that they will no longer issue licences for trail hunting.

I applaud their decision and expect it will send shock waves through the hunting fraternity, as hopefully other landowners will probably follow their example. Watch this space.

12 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS – UPDATE.

  1. George Kitching

    Fantastic news. I believe there was also an article in the Times (of all places) yesterday calling out the Royal Family for hypocrisy in their championing of environmental causes at COP26 while continuing to allow driven grouse shooting and muirburn on their estates.

  2. shazza

    It is good news. If only trail hunts could be trusted to do just that and not be a cover for actual fox hunting. However, I do wonder what happens to all the hounds when hunts disband. I worry about them too.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Yes, I share your concern. However, they weren’t always well looked after by the hunt themselves when they had come to the end of their usefulness. My son has one from a rescue charity.

  3. Eunice

    I admit to feeling rather sceptical when I read your previous post about this but as it now seems to be a definite move by the NT then it’s certainly good news 🙂


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