The hills were in low cloud late into the morning, including Hutton Roof which we explored a couple of days ago. But it didn’t matter – today was for cycling. I was hoping the lady would be in the Halton car park with her coffee wagon, but no sign of her. I hope she returns this summer, Last year I looked forward to her cheerful smile and cheep coffee as I drove up the motorway.

Think I’ll have an easy day and just go to Glasson Dock and back on the old railway. The fragrance of the hawthorn flowers hits me as I get out of the car. There are very few people about in the rather gloomy conditions. But the day brightens up by the time I reach Glasson. The usual collection of motorcycles and their ageing drivers around the fish and chip van. As always I choose to cross the bridge to the shop on the other side of the harbour. They normally have a good supply of freshly baked pasties and pies but alas today the van has broken down and none have arrived. I have to contend with a chocolate éclair which goes perfectly with my coffee.  P1010194





There are usually some locals sitting outside and today was no exception. I catch up on the news.

The sunken boat that has been in the marina for years was lifted, but by some cowboys who kept lifting as it came out of the water rather than let it drain. Most of it then broke up under the force and went back down to the bottom in pieces.

The pub on the other side of the harbour, The Victoria, has been closed for years and is looking in a sad state, but there are plans to reopen it as a pub once more. We shall see. The locals don’t have a lot to say about The Dalton Arms tucked away around the corner.

Next to the shop The Smoke House people have built a retail outlet for their products but are having trouble installing the heavy-duty electricity need for the freezers. Once open I’m sure this will be a popular shop with the tourists who flock to Glasson in the summer.

I cannot vouch for the truth in these stories. P1050053



The new Smoke House shop.

The ride back is uneventful, it’s about a 20-mile round trip. The tide had come in whilst I’d been away. The Millennium Bridge over the Lune and Ashton Memorial were looking good in the afternoon sunshine.  P1010208P1010210P1010211

I spend the rest of the afternoon drinking tea in the sunshine at Over Kellett with longstanding friends.


    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Yes, my disappointment at the absence of my usual cheese and onion slice was more than compensated by that éclair. Might switch my allegiance.

  1. Eunice

    A nice ride BC and at least the weather turned out nicer than when you set off. The Victoria is certainly looking worse for wear, probably worse than when I photographed it last summer. As for the sunken boat, I’m not sure there would be anything left of it to lift up, it’s been under water for so long it would have been in pieces anyway.

    I wonder why the smokehouse is having another shop when they already have one, unless it’s because that one is a bit out of the way, although I always thought it was very popular anyway. And I’m guessing the locals aren’t too keen on the Dalton Arms prices? I would have had a meal there last year until I saw the prices on the menu.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Yes, the new shop is to highlight their products in a more conspicuous setting. Apparently the Smoke House people run the fish and chips van, favoured by motorcyclists, at the marina.
      I do like Glasson, especially midweek.

      1. Eunice

        The smokehouse products have consistently good reviews so I might treat myself to some kipper fillets and some smoked cheese the next time I go to Glasson.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Lancaster is well-endowed with cycleways and the Millennium Bridge is a great addition.
      At present, you can find the smoke house round the back of the Dalton Arms. Hopefully they can get their new shop underway.

  2. Michael Graeme

    I noticed the sunken boat had gone, last time I was there, though it sounds like it’s still there, only not as visible on the surface. I didn’t know the smoke-house did cheeses as well. I shall make a point of calling in next time. It looks like a developer is waiting for the Victoria to fall down.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      The boat is in bits now and due to be removed from the Marina soon.
      A developer has bought the Victoria but will only go ahead with refurbishments of the pub if he can convert upstairs and elsewhere into flats.


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