14 thoughts on “They are at it again.

  1. Michael Graeme

    What’s striking is how it’s so brazen. Names could be named all the way up to the owners of these estates, but they have no shame, and the killing goes on.

  2. Walking Away

    So angry. The penalties aren’t working. Maybe if the shooting licenses were removed from moors where this is happening the penalty would be meaningful.

  3. Eunice

    I read this a couple of days ago and wondered if you had seen it. I’m afraid what I think of these people and their guns is probably unladylike and unprintable!

  4. 5000milewalk

    “It said all three incidents had been reported to the police and the National Wildlife Crime Unit.”

    Ah, we can expect some aristocrat in court in the next few weeks then……😒.

    Everyone’s memories of Tony Blair are now mostly negative thanks to the UK media (and of course his decision to invade Iraq), but he’s the one that chucked all but 92 of this lot out of the House of Lords, and stopped them legally hunting foxes, and would have gone further in time.

  5. ms6282

    The entitled rich do as they like and get away with it.
    I always think its ironic that the Hen Harrier is used as the symbol ofthe Forest of Bowland AONB given the attitude of the landowners

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      A story from a friend of mine ________________
      “When I was at college in the early 1970s I had a friend called Norman from Rawtenstall
      He was into shooting rabbits and game birds, but did it illegally
      He got caught and ended up in court. The magistrate was a local landowner who allowed paid shooting.
      He described Norman as scum of the earth who he would have had birched if allowed. He accused him of stealing the income from a hard-working landowner, and hit him with a massive fine.
      I bet they’d do the same now if possible.”


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