HEATHER – and other things.


Mid-August already. I’m losing this year somehow. I head up the fell for a short afternoon amble but find a grouse shoot taking place on Gannow Fell. Not the big ‘driven’ affair with lots of beaters, butts and toffs, but the ‘walked-up’ variety. A few guns walk up the fell hoping to flush out the grouse. To be honest I rarely see a grouse on this patch of fell and talking to one of the helpers they haven’t had a good session. No sympathy there from me.

I fall back on the haven that is Cowley Brook Plantation. I’ve mentioned it before as a pleasant place to walk around. An old plantation owned by United Utilities who cut some of the timber a few years ago and planted more mixed woodland species. At the same time they have opened up access to the public and paths have developed within it. I like the idea of spontaneous path generation, not all of them going anywhere in particular,that is part of the charm of the place. It’s good to watch the development of the different trees as the years come by. Normally the place is alive with birdsong, but today all is quiet, perhaps the guns from across the way have frightened them. At least the brook is gurgling away. P1020138


Mountain Ash.



Oh, I forget, I titled this post ‘heather’ because of the sudden blooming of the fells up here. Most of the heather flowering at this time of the year, in various shades of purple, is Calluna vulgaris. One can smell the semi sweet musty aroma from the roadside. In another week or so there will be a haze of pollen blowing across the land. Get out and enjoy it while you can – providing they are not grouse shooting.



It may have passed your notice that Alison Rose, the NW Bank CEO, resigned recently as a result of  ‘a serious error’ relating to leaking Nigel Farage’s account. Yet today I read that she will still be paid a £2.3 million compensation package. Maybe it is time to change banks – any suggestions?

This seems to be a recurring theme. Business managers, multi nationals and politicians profiting from their negligence at the cost to Joe Public. You and me.

My short walk has failed to put me in a good mood. Every thing should be beautiful.

15 thoughts on “HEATHER – and other things.

  1. AlanR

    It’s a great time of year for photographing heather and fungi. Re Nat West ceo, I find it disgusting too. It’s our money they are giving away and they pay us sod all for leaving it with them. No point in changing banks they are all as bad as each other. (some internet only banks are offering some decent rates though)

  2. Michael Graeme

    Yes, I have a similar feeling, the year slipping away, and the evenings getting a bit shorter. It’s good to see so much heather this year – I missed it last year. And yes, our Nat West CEO, seems to be laughing all the way from the bank.

  3. bowlandclimber Post author

    The years disappear at an exponential rate when one doesn’t have the restrictions of a regular career. That is a sad fact, both for what went before and for what is coming up.

  4. Walking Away

    I’m losing the year too, I like that expression. As far as banks, I try to only use building societies. Coventry and Nationwide have decent accounts. I loathe the banks. If you’re lucky you might have access to a credit union but mine started a monthly charge so I left. Hope your next walk is more positive.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      My post is turning into a ‘Financial Advice’ column. All tips gratefully taken.
      My walk was positive with all that heather, I can put banks and grouse to the back of my mind really, just like a little moan from time to time.

      1. Walking Away

        Me too. If you can’t have a moan here where can you! Personally I don’t believe instagram and blog posts where everything looks perfect. There’s always grumbling, something getting soaked, and of course on my walks there’s my stupid dog.

  5. Martin Banfield

    The year flies past. Nights draw in. Try to make the best of it without getting wound up about things over which you have no control….

  6. Eunice

    One reason why I don’t watch tv news or read the papers, there’s too much c**p in this world and too many people dishing it out, I’m not interested in politics and I refuse to worry/get upset/angry about things over which I have no control.
    This year is disappearing at a rate of knots for me too, somehow time seems to go faster as one gets older. Your heather looks very pretty in the last two shots 🙂

  7. Clare

    The heather ,and rowan , are particularly beautiful this year!
    Look at TRIODOS Bank , if only to be inspired by their environmental and ethical ethos!

  8. ms6282

    Looks like most of us feel the year is disappearing quickly. I think it’s an age thing – when I was young the school holidays seemed to last forever but now those 6 weeks (I seem to remember it was 5 but then increased to 6 – but I wouldn’t count on my memory from so long ago) now speed past.


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