There probably isn’t much difference in the eyes of the ultra shooters. The next massacre season is upon us.

Is this really happening in Britain today? I’m not eloquent enough to highlight the outrage felt by many, an increasing minority/majority. But that doesn’t stop my emotional reaction.  So please read this article and question your next conservative candidate if they dare step up to your doorstep. Any other candidate for that matter to restore the balance.

Your humble peasant.

Britain’s pheasant shooting season has begun. And a year-round massacre makes it possible | George Monbiot | The Guardian

6 thoughts on “PHEASANTS or PEASANTS.

  1. Walking Away

    George Scott Mincrieff called it the Balmorality Epoch. These bastards come for the salmon, stay for the grouse and end with the stags. It has always been class war. And still we put up with it.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      When I clicked like to your comment I didn’t really like the context, along with Mincrieff and others I abhor the hunting and shooting industry and everything that goes with it. Especially those politicians that are in the pockets of the toffs, they are as guilty as any. A humble peasant.


    This apt ditty resides on the sidebar of my blog:

    I saw a jolly hunter
    With a jolly gun
    Walking in the country
    In the jolly sun.

    In the jolly meadow
    Sat a jolly hare.
    Saw the jolly hunter.
    Took jolly care.

    Hunter jolly eager-
    Sight of jolly prey.
    Forgot gun pointing
    Wrong jolly way.

    Jolly hunter jolly head
    Over heels gone.
    Jolly old safety catch
    Not jolly on.

    Bang went the jolly gun.
    Hunter jolly dead.
    Jolly hare got clean away.
    Jolly good, I said.

    Charles Causey – (24 August 1917 – 4 November 2003) was a Cornish poet, schoolmaster and writer. His work is noted for its simplicity and directness and for its associations with folklore, especially when linked to his native Cornwall.


  3. Michael Graeme

    George certainly nailed it in that article. I’ve never understood why the “sport of kings” is such a death cult. An all round disaster for our uplands, and unspeakably cruel.


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