Following on from the last post I have found some old pictures of the quarries in Longridge.

Tootle Heights Quarry

At the end of the 19th century, a third of Longridge’s workforce was employed in the stone quarries. High-quality stone was used in Liverpool, for the docks, Blackpool and locally for housing. Quarrying was a dangerous activity as the two following shows. As bricks and concrete became more established, the quarries declined and the larger concerns pulled out. Despite this Copy Quarry [Green Bank] was reopened briefly to provide hardcore for the M55 motorway to Blackpool. Hence we have now inherited ‘Craig Y Longridge’ secured by the BMC. [British Mountaineering Club]

Craig Y Longridge. Pre 1970


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    Wow! Never a dull moment there – no mention of Health and Safety. Wonderful use of language – strange how word meanings like “mischief” have changed.


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