GR7 TRIP PRELUDE. It’s a gas.

I’m back into Alicante airport for more of the GR7, after my last disappointing trip in May.
What I didn’t mention in that post [guilty conscience and risk of arrest] was the problem with the gas cylinder I had bought innocently earlier in the day. Back at the airport I was about to check my bag in when I realised I still had the said gas cylinder, aka bomb. Tried the Information Desk but they threw their hands up in horror. Tried to leave it somewhere in the airport but security cameras everywhere – imagined the airport being evacuated. Eventually walked out up the road from the car park and well away from cameras hid the canister behind a drainage pipe. Glad to have rid myself of it but also thought I may reclaim it on my next visit!!
So having landed this morning to those annoying trumpets I set off to find the gas. I was however confronted by a vast convoy of police cars on the road where it was hidden. How did they know I had returned?

It’s  all to do with football – Real Madrid had just landed and their coach was ready to whisk all the stars off to Elche for tonight’s match. A substantial crowd had formed to see their favourites – hence the heavy police presence. I already have a mild ‘criminal’ offence in Spain [camping illegally in a National Park, I was totally innocent but received a 60Euro fine!] so was not keen to cause more problems.  Went for a coffee and waited for the next bus into town.  However, by now the entourage had moved off with police sirens blaring. I was able to creep up the road and would you believe it, recover the gas. Mission accomplished. Saved me shopping for one.

Soon on a train to Xativa which I reached mid-afternoon with temperatures hitting 35C.  The place was in full siesta mode and there was not much to see apart from the castle up the hill, but no way was I going to walk up there.

The castle on the hill.

The bus station was deserted and my connection to Enguera not for a couple of hours. Not a soul around.

I decided to Jump a taxi for 20 Euros  and was delivered to the uninspiring doors of my hotel, Portal Del Caroig, in the middle of nowhere. Who designs these places?

Portal Del Caroig

But I found friendly staff, my room was OK and there was a swimming pool!

 The evening’s meal wasn’t bad either.

Walking in the morning if I can find a means of getting to the start.

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