GR7 VALENCIA. Canada de Sacaras – Cortes de Pallas.

                                                                        Rio Jucar.

Today’s walk was one of the most spectacular on the GR7 for scenery.

An early morning stroll down the valley through olive trees below the cliffs brought us to the Fuente Sacaras with a good water supply. We were caught red handed knocking walnuts off a man’s tree!!

  There was a way marked up through the cliffs onto the plateau which looked exciting but ended up on roads.

Alternative route up ravine.

 We wanted to follow the GR7 above the dammed Rio Jucar, and we were glad we did. The path became narrower as we rounded the nose of the cliffs and views started to open into the Rio Jucar valley.

                                                                   Chirel castle.

The river which has been dammed for hydroelectric purposes is hemmed in by cliffs up to a 1000ft high. All very impressive. The castle of Chirel on the far bank was always prominent as we made our way along the valley. To our right were cliffs of smooth limestone [difficult to photograph against the sun] To our left was the view down to the Rio Jucar and cliffs beyond. The odd tourist boat appeared on the lake below.

The track was quite narrow and had recently been cleared to make it easier. Thank you.

We followed the trail below cliffs, in and out of ravines, to eventually climb out of the ravine above the cliffs.

Now on a road we made our way down to Cortes de Pallas and a hotel for the night. We went into the bar of Casa de Fortunato ordered a ‘zumo de naranja’ and asked for a room. Surprised to be taken up to the top of the village to our rooms in an apartment block! No problems with the room but not exactly convenient for a hotel. They did make us a good evening meal along with the family. Lots of young children and babies eating after 9pm, don’t know how they manage.


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