Mark on 'Take the bull by the horns'

               Mark finishing  ‘Take the bull by the horns’

If you have no interest in climbing or bouldering read no further.

The Bullstones.

                                                                                      The Bullstones.

I originally started this blog to provide information on climbing and bouldering venues in the area and then became sidetracked with other topics.

A new BMC Lancashire Climbing guide will soon be available. Also a Lancashire Bouldering guide will be making an appearance — http://www.lancashirebouldering.com/

Going back to the start of this century Alan Bates and myself had a great time exploring the extensive boulders above Croasdale – The Bullstones. There was no record of previous climbing here and indeed access had been denied until the CRoW act came along in 2000. Along with other friends, who were prepared for the one hour walk in, we documented about 300 problems.   Robin Mueller’s excellent bouldering guide will have a chapter detailing a few selected areas of Bullstones, including new harder problems. I am also making available below my original 2003 guide, warts and all, for full coverage of the area including all the easier problems.

It has only taken me 100 posts to do so! 

THE BULLSTONES pdf1  —- click to view


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