GR7 in Northern Catalunya – waiting for a miracle.

El Miracle Monastery.

El Miracle Monastery

Su – El Miracle – Solsona.

Yet another beautiful day in prospect, how long can this weather last.

Keep plastering my troublesome, left, little toe up each morning to alleviate the pain, it has never really recovered from my GR70 trip a couple of weeks ago. Still not suitable for public viewing in the raw. Have butchered my insole to try and give it more space. Hoping for a miracle cure – maybe today?

JpegStruggled with the ploughed fields and scambly thickets to get back on route again, don’t know why I retraced last nights mistake. Head high brambles claimed my glasses at one point. I think my concentration was disturbed and I looked for a  track off the road on the left whilst it had been on the right I found out later.

Passing stone crosses on the way  I arrived in El Miracle. This a large sanctuary dating from the 16th century. There is a grand monastery for 5 silent monks, an old church with the most amazing Baroque altar and lots of other religious buildings. Unfortunately the cafe was closed. I spent some time wandering about the place and marveling  at its past grandeur. It is perched on an escarpment with wonderful views of  that Serra de Cadi range.

The walking improved in the afternoon, on small paths through oak woods, past old farms, across ploughed fields and over little brooks. A couple of hours past unnoticed, I was enjoying myself so much. A great stretch downhill on heathland with views to the extensive town of Solsona. Then I got temporarily lost at a worn stone riverbed.  The route through the outskirts of town was not well way marked and I found myself  walking up a busy ring road. Things were safer in the historic centre. The whole place has gone mushroom mad this weekend with displays, markets and fungi inspired menus in all the bars.

My hotel turns out to be an impressive Modernist building on the tourist trail, with prices to match.

Can’t believe this weather, very hot and sunny for October the locals tell me. And it’s set to continue.

Oh and by the way – no miracle toe cure is apparent yet.

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