GR7 in Northern Catalunya – switchback mountains.

Sant Pere Sallavinera – Sant Pinos – Su.

The discussion in the bar last night wasn’t overenthusiastic regarding a taxi for this am but I was pleasantly relieved when he arrived on time. So I was back in Sant Pere faced with the first steep climb through the woods to reach a col next to the prominent Castle Boixadors. Sant Pinos at 900m is 300m higher than Sant Pere but to reach it I climbed 800m which gives you an idea of the switchback ridges I had to cross. Cars were everywhere on the poor forest tracks, people out collecting mushrooms. Couldn’t believe where some people will take their family saloon. From the next ridge I could see Pinos village and the sanctuary on the hill behind.Sorry about the pictures, I’m using my phone for everthing and it is master of none.

Unfortunately the route was on tarmac which despite being surrounded by beautiful scenery was not the best walking. I did however travel along accompanied by the Travelling Wilburys. The village of Pinos looked interesting, virtually one building of church, castle, and houses combined.. It probably was better viewed from a distance, the climb up to it was a mistake as I lost all the height on the hidden side. It became a slog climbing up to Sant Pinos in the heat of the day.JpegA bonus was a cafe on top, busy with the usual Spanish lunch. However a coffee boosted me for the afternoon. The Serra due Cadi range of mountains is looking closer, still don’t know where I will be going through.Jpeg

Down the other side new tarmac seems to have swallowed up the tracks taken by the GR7. The way marks are also very poor and faded, maybe the two go hand in hand. Eventually enjoyed some woodland trails through oak trees with acorns dropping all around me. The oaks here are diminutive and when young resemble holly, except for the acorns. JpegJpegManaged a bit of off route (ie lost) scrambling and ploughed fields to reach Su. Have an apartment for tonight in an upmarket country house and very smart it turns out to be. The village itself is again all joined up and has only 3 families resident. I was the only resident in the hotel and was duly spoilt.

Su across the pool.

Su across the pool.

It's been a hard day!

It’s been a hard day.

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