GR7 in Northern Catalunya – follow your nose.

Ref. Mas del Tronc – Sant Pere Sallavinera.

An excellent simple breakfast. People were arriving for a session of  fungi hunting. Overnight specimens pushed their way through the earth. JpegA steep scramble down through the woods brought me back onto forest tracks and the GR way marking. Prominently ahead was the  hilltop tower of St. Marti de Macana backed by the Serra due Cadi range which are to be crossed in 3 or 4 days. They look impressive. The track bypassed St. Marti but took me to the pretty little St. Maria hermitage.Jpeg Close by here I noticed a large boulder with a coffin shaped carved out hollow, learnt later that is precisely what it is and there are more in the area.  ? The dating.Jpeg The rest of the day was simply following the well signed tracks, no need for the map. Easy walking making for fast progress. I strolled into the small hamlet of Sant Pere Sallavinera  (quite a mouthful). No accomodation here, so I was hoping to catch a bus  at 2.30 according to the timetable outside the ‘town hall’ – but the girl inside knew nothing about it. She closed up at one and disappeared. Lunch was taken in the little park, no matter how small a village is in Spain there are good communal facilities, I sometimes wonder who uses them. As a bonus I found an open restaurant and was able to enjoy a coffee, the staff here were unsure of any bus. Came out of the cafe at quarter past and strolled back to the bus stop just as the mini coach came racing through, obviously not expecting any passengers. Managed to stop him and we were in Calaf before half past. Could still have waiting there. Racing coach.NobodyRacing coach.t my hotel,  so looked round the old part of town – a poorly restored castle, the usual large church but more interestingly a multi-arched market square. My hotel room was 1st class but my dinner in a cafe across the road decidedly average.

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