GR7 in Northern Catalunya – hang onto your hat.

Clariana – Ref. Mas del Tronc. I was up  early as a taxi was booked to take me to Clariana Castle to renew my walk on the GR7. See posts March 2013

A sign set me on the route….

… unexpectedly scrambling down a steep and slippery limestone path. It has been dull and damp here for a few days but the sun is out now and the forecast good. Pleasant lanes led me past scattered farms, there seems to be more barking dogs than humans. Leaving the lanes a path through woods brought me to a natural gap with the old road and now a motorway to cross. Motorways in Spain fill me with navigational dread, often little provision has been made for the walker, give me a mountain top any time. I spotted a fading mark in time and dissapeared under the road. Good walking on woodland tracks took me up to a higher farming area with views up to Rubio castle up the valley and all those wind turbines!JpegI was soon up to the deserted village, there was water and the terrace of the closed restaurant was as good as any for lunch.JpegNow roads not shown on the map threaded through the eerie whirling turbines.Up on the ridge a fierce wind was blowing, they have chosen well!    It certainly  was a case of hang onto your hat, or better still remove it. I had my last view of the Sierra de Montserrat serrated skyline.A well signed  and cleared path dropped down to the  the refuge Mas del Tronc, the dogs gave me a great welcome as did Raquel the guardian.IMG_20141016_090546_248-1

.This building was originally a farm, it was restored in 1969 to be used as refuge.There is a standard dorm and a spacious dining/common room. There is only minimal electricity from a solar panel. It is ironic that the place is surrouned by electric generating turbines. For supper we had a wild mushroom stew, it is to be hoped Raquel knows her fungi. This was followed by fresh figs in yoghurt – delicious. We were the only two but people kept dropping in from nowhere for a chat in this remote spot. Slept for 10 hours.

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    1. bowlandclimber

      Still alive! One of the best refuges I’ve stayed in – mind you I was the only guest. Looks like we are in for an Autumn heatwave here.25+ will just have to grin and bear it.


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