GR7 in Northern Catalunya – getting there.

Preston  –  Igualada.

Quite a busy day. The M6 was at a crawl  but I managed to escape onto the M57and reach the airport at Liverpool in time. Sneaked into one of the extra leg room seats by the emergency exits.

Luxury for £30.

Luxury for £30.

Despite missing our take off slot we arrived in Barcelona to the new Ryanair fanfare. My plan of catching an early train was somewhat dented by my checked in rucksack not appearing on the carousel. Frantic enquiries at various desks didn’t help. One’s whole trip depends upon your rucksack and its precious contents. The lady at the Ryanair desk came to my aid and located said sack lying somewhere in the docking area, a close one!

Found at last.

Found at last.

Exiting this large airport and locating the shuttle bus isn’t easy, but jumping on to a train with a minute to spare in Placa Espanya made up for it. The journey starts as a busy metro and eventually emerges into the hills north of Barcelona. My destination of Igualada has been visited before on the GR7, I think I had exactly the same hotel room last time. (Posts in March 1913.) Being tired after the journey here I came to the restaurant just after 8pm – of course being Spain I was the only one eating at this early hour – was becoming busy as I retired to bed.

Early Spanish dining.

Early Spanish dining.

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