LA GOMERA – a cliff, a view and a tooth.

Coming down for breakfast at 8 nobody was about in our hotel, but a bag of bread was hanging on the door. There was a small kitchen, with some supplies, attached to the rooms so we wondered whether it was a do it yourself job. We made a cup of coffee and pondered over the bread, at 8.30 we would use it. Thankfully the owner turned up at 8.29 and we had a good breakfast, he didn’t know how close he came to loosing his bread.

Our taxi driver dropped us off at the base of a high cliff and we queried the location. He just pointed upwards and drove off. Sure enough there was a small path to the rocks and then a wonderfully constructed zigzagging way directly up the cliff face for over 200m  – not for vertigo sufferers. The land at the top must have been important centuries ago or was the path used for escape from marauders?

A newly signed and improved track continued less steeply up to the Mirador del Abrante. This is a recently opened glass building overhanging the cliff with views  to Agulo 600m below and across to Tenerife. Again not for vertigo sufferers. The Fred Olsen company have financed it probably with an eye to their cruise ship customers.

From here we walked through a strange landscape of red dunes, unfortunately now in mist. Arriving at a road leading to a visitor centre we left a series of surreal red footprints from our muddy boots. A little cafe appeared in time for coffee.Onwards through woods and into yet another valley and lunch next to a pond with hungry ducks surrounding us. Onwards again along a ridge in intermittent mist until we saw the Roque Cano [the canine tooth] and dropped onto tracks traversing towards it.As we dropped towards the tooth it kept disappearing which was a shame as it was a big lump of rock.  Couldn’t wait for it to reappear so we dropped into Vallehermoso and through a park with interesting sculptures. Our hotel was comfortable and close to a good cafe for supper – catch of the day was CUTTLEFISH.

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