LA GOMERA – into the subtropics.

Above Hermigua we set off up a long valley under the shadow of a volcanic tower. There was water and tropical greenery everywhere, There is something about palm trees which sets the scene, cockerels crowing and tethered goats bleating added to it.. We were excited with the day and hardly noticed the steep climbing ahead. Quickly height was gained into the forest on the wonderful winding mule track heading towards a possibly impregnable wall of mountainside. Turns took us alongside a high narrow waterfall and onto a brief plateau.  Suddenly we had arrived at El Cedro and the Bar La Vista with great views back down to the NE coast. A longer break than we had planned saw us eating watercress soup with gofio [ground maize flour] from wooden bowls.sam_6049-e1419285273311Onwards we climbed into a brief laurel forest and up to a ridge walk flanked by tree heathers. To our left was a massive valley with abandoned terracing on the steep hillsides. Ahead were views to the coast way below. This is great walking with Tenerife and Mount Teide ahead! A little white hermitage is reached as we dropped down the ridge.  Lanes and steps take us down steeply towards Hermigua and eventually our quirky hotel. The evening’s meal was taken in a cafe further down the valley. Catch of the day  –  DORADO.

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