KING LUDWIG WAY – Prologue or Epilogue.

Here I am on the Starnbergersee in  Bavaria to start the King Ludwig Way. This is really the end of the story as in June 1886 King Ludwig II of Bavaria and his physician were found dead in the lake. Did he drown or more likely was he murdered? He had succeeded to the throne in 1864, aged 18, and led an interesting and increasingly eccentric life. Towards the end of his reign he gathered enemies who wanted him out of the way! This walk starts from the site of the cross in the lake where his body was found. More of him later.

Arrived courtesy of EasyJet and the efficient and user friendly S-Bahn from Munich. Very warm evening as I wandered past some impressive mansions in the back streets of Starnberg in search of food. Stumbled across the busy no frills Gasthof in Der Au. Sat outside but must remember some mosquito repellant next time. Didn’t have a clue with the menu but found  a Gemuseplatte which turned out to be perfect, wish they could cook veg like this in England. My first glass of Bavarian beer was a Paulaner Helles hoppy lager from Munich, seemed to match the situation. Looking around me I couldn’t miss the large portions of food being devoured by equally large people, will have to be careful this trip. And I haven’t seen breakfast yet.

Caught a morning ferry across the lake to Leoni where I came ashore, leaving the rest of the tourists to their 2hr trip around the lake. After the obligatory coffee I found my way along the shore to the cross in the water marking the site of King Ludwig II’s death. He died shortly after being exiled to Berg here. His opposition felt he was becoming insane and also wanted the power of Bavaria reduced under Prussia. The chapel commemorating the event was under scaffolding for renovation, disappointing.

I must have walked past Schloss Berg, where he was incarcerated, without realising; there are so many vast mansions along the shoreline, this a rich area and playground for Munich folk. Maybe this was it…

About now I started to notice the K waymarks for my route, from now on abbreviated to TKLWay. It was sweltering by early afternoon so I joined the locals and had a swim in one of the bays. Very refreshing and I dried off as I walked along finishing a short day back at Starnberg.

Not a bad way to start a long distance walk. As there is already one image of a glass of beer on this post can’t possibly show you  the weissbier I’m about to enjoy, you’ll just have to imagine it.

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