JD and myself are back on Tenerife and staying once again in a fabulous airbnb next to the church, Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Los Cristianos. All is peace and tranquility with this family. We go round the corner to the busy locals’ Restaurant Raymond  and enjoy a typical supper, salad and then Merluza with Papas Arrugadas. The house Tenerife wine is good but the large serving of post dinner fire water Orujo  [ a transparent spirit from the distillation of the remains left after pressing the grapes with an alcohol content often over 50%] could mean trouble. Their paella apparently is superb – next time.

The GR131 through Tenerife follows in the main part El Camino Natural de Anaga-Chasna an ancient route crossing the island used when most people lived away from the piratical coast. My map shows the route from the harbour in Los Christianos to the harbour in Santa Cruz, 125k, thus linking with ferries to the other Canary Islands, the original idea of a continuous route through all seven. The Cicerone guide only details it between Arona and La Esperanza, 85.5k, as does the signing on the island, we were to find out later why.

We also intended to visit the summit of Mt. Teide on the way which involved pre-booking the Altavista Refuge on the mountain to avoid the restricted permit system.

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  1. Helen Newman

    Great blog! I am planning to walk the GR131 across Tenerife using your route which takes in Mt Teide Summit. We plan to stay at the Refuge and summit the following morning. How far is the summit and refuge from the main GR131 – is it much of a detour? Have you written a post about your experience – I can’t seem to find one? Thank you in advance for your help. Helen

  2. bowlandclimber

    Thanks Helen.
    I love walking in the Canary Islands and have been trying to follow the GR131 through them all, with mixed success. All is at a standstill now.
    Mt. Teide is just off the GR131. A detour is made to stay in the Parador, a great experience.
    The Altavista Refuge must be booked well in advance and is about a 4 hour hike from the hotel. The next morning early you can go to the summit [permit included] and then retrace your steps and rejoin the GR131.
    That didn’t work out for us – but no problem.
    I posted the whole trip as well as the other beautiful Islands.
    There should be a link at the bottom of each post to the next.
    Enjoy the planning and get back to me for more info if needed.
    Regards John.

    1. Helen Newman

      Hi John, thank you so much for your quick reply. Me too, I walked the GR131 in La Palma last Nov and had to return to the canaries. That’s a great help! I will certainly look into staying at the Parador and the refuge – if we can get in! I’m sorry you to hear you suffered from stomach pains and the weather was bad, there’s always a chance to return 🙂 How far is the Parador from the GR131 track? We only have 5 days, 6 at a push so I don’t think we will have time to do the whole GR131 PLUS Mt Teide. The Parador, the summit and the refuge all sound fantastic so I’m thinking of cutting off a chunk at one of the ends of the GR131 (and getting a bus to/from the nearest village to make the total walk shorter and therefore doable in our time frame. If given the option, would you cut some kms off the southern part of the route of the northern? Thanks!

      1. bowlandclimber

        Hi again.
        1.Probably best to start by bus to Arona walk to Vilaflor. [We shortened that day by taxi to Ifonche, recommended.]
        2.Vilaflor to Parador.
        3.Parador to Refuge.
        4.Refuge to summit, return and track to El Portilla. [bus maybe to Puerto de la Cruz for accomodation]
        5.El portillo to La caldera [bus]
        Onwards from La Caldera is awkward with no accommodation. You probably won’t have time for all of it.
        Have fun planning.

  3. stefan

    Hi John
    Great info and well done on the journey.
    I am trying to find a tenerife company that might be able to manage a group trek and al ground arrangements of the GR131 for me. do you have any ideas? someone that you have come across on your travels? It would be great to hear from you.
    many thanks Stef

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Stef, thanks for contacting me. I usually do all my own arrangements, as you can see.
      We have not met up with any trekking groups on Tenerife.
      There are several international companies that do treks there, but they are expensive, limited and probably use local agents.
      It would be best to try and get in touch with a local company.
      Two I noticed on the web were —
      They would be worth contacting first with your requirements.
      Sorry to not be able to be more specific. Best of luck — it is a fantastic Island to walk through, as are all the others. I’m hoping to get back in the new year. John.


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