The Roman Soldiers on Preston Guild Wheel have dressed for the festive occasion.

The most clicked page on my posts in the last few years has happened to be the Preston Guild Wheel map –

– it seems to be a popular ride.

This is no blow by blow account of today’s festive ride, I’ve done that before here and there.

Better to look at one of the many YouTube videos of a speeded up trip around the circuit, they remind me of the London to Brighton film shown on the BBC as an interlude back in the days, along with the potter’s wheel.

Anyhow to get back to today’s ride, anticlockwise from Red Scar on a sunny but cold afternoon.  I didn’t have time to call in at all the refreshment stops but made a mental note for a future caffeine indulgence. Other beverages are available.                                                                     [These are the establishments directly on the Wheel, there are several more within a  hundred metres for a grand slam circuit.]

Starbucks. Bluebell Way.Jpeg

The Guild Merchant.  Tag Lane.

Ancient Oak.  Cottam.

Final Whistle Cafe. UCLAN Sports Centre.

The Beach Club Coffee Shop.   Preston Marina.

The Continental.  Riverside.

The Pavilion Cafe.  Avenham Park.

Floating Cafe. Brockholes.There are some ongoing issues with the Guild Wheel but I’ll leave them to a later date.


… so a seasons greetings to you all.






    I lived in Preston for around 20 years departing circa 2000 and despite walking and cycling round the area in all that time I don’t recognise any of those venues, but just vaguely their locations. That’s not good. I’m looking forward to the new year. All the best to you and yours.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      That was before the successful Preston Wheel was developed, drag that rusting bike out of the garage and we’ll have a wheel around Preston before everything is obliterated by new housing developments.

  2. Frank

    How fascinating. Being totally unfamiliar with your neck of the woods, the insights that you and Sir Hugh offer into a part of the UK that I have never visited make these posts really interesting.
    The Wheel would suit me and my old Mountain bike perfectly.
    Happy Christmas!

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Thanks for visiting Frank.
      Yes we do live in a great ‘outdoor’ area. Don’t know where you are based but a trip up or down here is worthwhile.
      Keep viewing for more venues.
      All the best. John.

    1. bowlandclimber Post author

      Supposedly. This is a nature reserve gone commercial with conference rooms and corporate events. The coffee is however excellent and all? profits are said to go to The Lancashire Wildlife Trust which I support. In the serious flooding of a year ago, which affected many parts of the NW, the buildings served their purpose but were not accessible, except by boat, from the submerged surroundings. Yes they truly floated.
      Check out
      not to be confused with Brockhole on Windermere which is ten times more touristy [think weddings] having said that I’ve never visited – why would you.

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