After my last post I feel I need to end the year on a more positive note. Today was sunny and dry, ideal for a hill walk but I’m still confined to flat roads. I had a plan to visit some wetlands created by United Utilities [if that is their most recent moniker] on the outskirts of Longridge. Threading my way through streets, alleys and lanes I came to the observation hides overlooking the site. I had the foresight to bring binoculars [but not a camera] – there were lots of ducks, geese and lapwings visible but nothing more. The lapwings were en-mass and looking in prime condition feeding on the marsh.  So despite the doom and gloom of yesterday’s post on Longridge being swamped with housing developments here we have some more environmental positivity.  Sadly the majority of the local population are probably ignorant of this scheme.

I will return again in 2018.

Oh! to be on those hills.


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