An email dropped into my box –

What about:
Longridge to the Sea – Eastwards.
Following the OS line 38. I have had a quick look and it appears more or less possible. Straight line 104 miles and interesting – certainly a lot of new territory for me.  Conrad. 
[Sir Hugh to those familiar with this blog]

I ignored this for a day or so, thinking it was too ambitious, and I had better things to do; like finish off the GR131 in the Canary Islands and complete my protracted Land’s End to John o’Groats. But the idea gnawed at the back of my mind, and I foolishly looked up the maps. The SD 38 Northing in question runs virtually past my house. It becomes the SE38 and the TA38 further east, thus is better described as 438 Northing. My mind was in action now, why not start on the west coast and finish on the east, 122 straight miles Blackpool to Aldbrough.

A bit of a pipe dream. Better do some gardening.

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